For wine lovers, this article will try to discuss some of best options available in United States of America that are ideal wine tourism destinations. So, if wine is your glass of beverage, here are some fabulous information. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Without any opposition California is the prime spot in the USA famed for its lush vineyard and some of the best wines. It is not so much required to hunt best wines in France when California got its own elite mix of wines.

San Francisco – one of the most important cities of Californian – is located west coast of northern America. Napa Valley located within the striking distance San Francisco has emerged as the prime destination for their quality of wine. Napa Valley alone produces above 90% of wine in northern America. Production-wise the region is the fourth largest producer of wine worldwide. The reason is the optimum climate to produce wine as the valley is nestled between the mountain ranges of the Coastal Range and Sierra Nevada Range. Its unique wine style wide range of appellations (rich red wines with soft tannins and intense fruit) and chardonnays that are sensational. All this make Napa as an ideal wine tourism destination in America. This region has abundance of accommodation and tourist destination. Contra Costa County, Sonoma County and the Livermore Valley in the Bay area are some of the other close-by destinations to SF perfect for wine tourism.

Some of the other noteworthy wine tourism destinations of America are Oregon, Texas, New York and Washington. When you plan your Napa Valley wine tourism trip, you can drop in to these other notable regions to see what makes American wines so popular. Several tour operators offers dedicated wine tourism packages to choose from.


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