I was watching my son play spider-man outside today and a thought came to me, what happened to the super heroes? I for one was a super hero when I was a child. I had super human strengths that rivaled none, I could jump down 10 stairs at a time, jump over chairs, but most of all I had the strength of a train. To prove this my friend and I would see who could throw rocks further, jump higher and longer. It was truly an age of no fear.

There was a time when we all could accomplish anything, a time when the world was at our feet waiting for us to take it and run. One day we were awaken to find out that society doesn’t like super heroes. They rather have the generations of the unconcerned living next door. The walking stiff in a suit, so completely miserable we now look normal. Someone along the way has told you that’s not possible, you will never make money doing that, you’re too young, or worse you need to grow up and get a J.O.B. It might have been your college professor, maybe a parent or girlfriend or wife, but regardless of who it was, they helped blow out your passion.

Some of us have put up a fight and kept our passion alive, but most have rolled over and played dead. What do you want to do when you grow up has become the most over used phrase of our purest carefree time. I wanted to be a super hero! I do agree that being a super hero isn’t a very realistic goal, and yes it’s a good thing that I still don’t wear a cape to Walmart, but who made it their life’s mission to tell me that? I was one of the lucky ones. I come from a house full of dreamers and a family of passion. I was never told I couldn’t be a super hero, or a professional baseball player. I came from the house that was told you can do whatever you want just have options. If you become a trash can be that because you chose to be that, not because that’s all you can do. So I ask you, what are your options? What do you chose to do? Comics

One by one the super hero in all of us has been put away, but I think in all of us, it still wants to come roaring out for a comeback. No matter how over the top the super hero movies get they still pack the theater. Why? They make the impossible seem possible. Where is your super hero? What is it you were meant to be? Are you tired of working the nine to five to make her dad happy, or to just merely to put food on the table? True, there is something to be said about a man or woman who provides for their family, but there is more to say about a person who not only provides, but lives life with a purpose! It’s time to make an Impact in your life, will you join me?

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