Benefect hand sanitizers are ubiquitous. You can carry a small bottle with you when you are going somewhere. Alternatively, maybe you use the wall mounted units in your washroom for a better hygiene experience. Available in sprays, foams, gels and wipes-this product is both alcohol and non-alcohol based. Doctors always suggest washing hands with sanitizer. If you blindly follow your doctor’s advice then too you need to know the reason behind his or her suggestion. Here are five things to know about hand sanitizer.

A Good Substitute of Soap and Water

The best way to clean your hand is by washing them with soap and plain water for at least 20 seconds. When you scrub your hands for 20 seconds, it creates a mechanical friction that loosens and washes away the microbes present. Hand wash on the other hand perform the same task of the soap. If in case, where you do not have access to water and clean soap, the next best thing to do would be using the disinfectant liquid that contains alcohol. The disinfectant kills most viruses and bacteria on contact. It also works perfectly well against fungi. If you have dirt like soil and grime in your hand, it is better to use soap first.

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Evidence Proving Prevention of Colds and Infections

A study conducted in BMC Infectious Diseases in 2010 revealed that office workers who were encouraged to use alcohol based hand sanitizers for at least five times each day were two thirds less sick than those who continued to just wash their hands. So yes, using this product can help in reducing the count of disease and infection at a massive rate. However, one thing to mention here-this product is ineffective to norovirus.

A Foam, Gel, Or Wipe-What is better?

As long as the product contains 60 percent alcohol and you know when to use the product, then any form of the product will be effective in removing the germs and serving its purpose. A small study conducted in 2012 in American Journal of Infection Control found that all the three forms of of alcohol based sanitizer significantly reduced H1N1 flu virus on hands. Some of the ingredients in this product contain natural items like tea tree oil and similar oils. These items are beneficial for the skin keeps it soft and supple.

Alcohol Free Sanitizer- What About Them

Some sanitizers as mentioned earlier do not contain alcohol; if you are using one of them then it is better to know that they contain quaternary ammonium compounds to reduce the microbes present in your hand. These agents are not as effective as the alcohol versions. They help in bacterial resistance but do not kill the germs completely. It is advisable to choose one that has alcohol in it.

Using a hand sanitizer is easy but still people make a common mistake by not using it. Take a few drops of the disinfectant product in your hand and rub it. Ensure that you rub your hands together for 30 seconds for proper results.

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