An office worker needs a comfortable seat, especially those who work more than eight hours a day. With the help of an ergonomic office chair, you can perform work better and more comfortably. Aside from being excellent accessories in modern offices, these chairs help workers reduce the pressure on their back, legs, shoulders, and neck. People who use non-ergonomic chair at work may have relatively lesser productivity and quality of performance. At the same time, they have higher chances of getting chronic body pains.

These chairs can be more expensive than the standard office chairs. You must know that with a higher productivity level of workers, you can easily recover the extra cost you have spent on these items.

One great benefit you can get from most ergonomic office chair options is that you can adjust it accordingly. Getting the perfect fit for your body and your specific tasks may take a few weeks. It takes this long because you need to constantly tune this until you get the perfect fit for yourself.

The following are some helpful tips in adjusting your ergonomic chairs. bürostuhl 200 kg

Seat and Arm Height

Make sure your feet are flat on the floor or foot rest when you adjust your seat height. You will have circulation problems in your legs when your feet are not touching the floor. In case you cannot reach the desk or computer keyboard while keeping your feet flat on the floor, then you must adjust the desk.

If the arm height is too low, your shoulders and upper back will be prone to pressure. Try to get used to a slightly higher arms. If you still feel uncomfortable with it, this can be a sign that they should be a bit lower.

Tilt Tension and Tilt Range

Tilt tension is the feature that controls the tightness or looseness of the chair’s reclining mechanism. If it is too loose, the chair reclines without much pressure. This setting may force you to lean forward in your seat. If, on the other hand, it is too tight, it will be more difficult to recline.

Tilt range or tilt limiter helps you control how far your ergonomic office chair can recline. You must set the tilt range at the minimum setting in case you want to stay upright.

Arm Angle

Arm angle depends on the types of tasks you do often. It is wise to have the arms rotated out a bit in case you will need to move with your chair around a wide desk space. Having them in while typing or using the mouse is also advisable.

Another additional feature of some ergonomic office chairs is the head rest. It does not just support the head but the neck as well. This feature is efficient if you need to be on the phones often or if you want to have power naps during office breaks. Chairs with headrest are usually larger than the typical office chair so it may not be suitable for small spaces.

Look for the best ergonomic office chair for your company or for your personal office. You can start by checking the available options online.

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