The concept of a continuous sight picture. Nearly everything you hear in training or at a match is see your front sight. I don’t think that is the correct way to approach a major problem with peoples shooting. The main issue they have is that they don’t see the sights when they need to, which is during the entire firing sequence and return to the targets. Most of my students would be familiar with the timing drills. One of the biggest benefits of a timing drill is that it would develop the ability to see the sight all the way through the recoil. That is how you shoot fast and accurate splits on target.

Understand that the GRIP of the pistol is different than getting a GRIP on a pistol. This is a difficulty in common language usage especially when describing both.
Recoil control or timing:

The Issue:

Most shooters have a significant issue with recoil control. Well okay they don’t have any recoil control would be a better way to put it. We have worked on flinch. If you can see your sight lift and return, your most likely not flinching.

Poor recoil control covers a spectrum of problems. From not having a consistent return of the gun to the same spot you just shot to the hand or hands breaking and losing grip on the pistol. Generally I see either a hand readjustment right after a shot or I see the weak hand actually lose its grip on the pistol training.

Now lets define the issue. The concept of recoil control or timing the gun (from the shooters perspective) is to subconsciously return the sights to the same spot. This is a neuromuscular firing of fast twitch muscles that occurs .04-.07 of a second after the shot is fired. Notice is said subconscious. You have to set everything up right for and then let it happen. The top shooters don’t look like their working hard when their shooting do they? That’s a big hint. Their not!

Common problems to address:
Does the gun fit your hand? Can you actually hold the pistol in a good firing grip and actuate all safeties along with get a proper finger position on the trigger? If the gun doesn’t fit you, how do you think you will shoot it fast and accurate? You will be able to shoot it accurate regardless of grip, but, not fast. Accuracy is purely sight alignment and trigger control. Another issue that comes up when people are shooting a gun that doesn’t fit is that they can’t index the gun consistently. Fixes for improper gun fit include modifications to the grip, trigger length, or maybe a different gun entirely.

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