Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented and the runtime environment (JRE) which consists of JVM which is the prime part of the Java platform. This Article on Java will clear all your doubts about why to learn java, features and how does it work. Java is a safe language- Java considers security as part of the project. Ducat Noida provides the Java Training in Noida with the best trainers in the world. The compiler, interpreter and runtime environment of Java language have been developed each with security in mind.


Java is an Object-Oriented programming language and a computing platform for application development. It was developed by James Gosling with other members named Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton also called The Green Team. It was in 1995 by Sun Microsystem and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. It is the most used programming language in the world. Ducat is the Best Training Institute in Noida.

This platform is a collection of programs that help to develop and run programs which are written in the Java programming language. This platform includes an execution engine, compiler and a set of libraries. This is a platform-independent language. It is not specific to any processor or OS. This is a platform-independent language- its main advantage is the ability to move easily from one computer system to another computer system. The ability of this language to run the same program on many different-different systems is essential for WWW software and regardless of both the source and binary platforms. Like C compiler, the compiler of Java does not produce native executable code for a particular machine. Instead of that, this produces a unique format called byte code. It executes according to the rules which are laid out in the virtual machine specification. Byte code is understandable by any JVM installed on any OS in the world. In short, the source code can run on all OS.


The implementation is packaged into two different distributions: how read file in java

Java Runtime Environment (JRE): which contains the parts of the Java SE platform required to run Java programs and is intended for end-users.
Java Development Kit (JDK): which is intended for software developer and include development tools such as the compiler, Javadoc, Jar and a debugger.
Why this is used for?

This is used for many purposes:

Information Technology
Financial services
Stock market
Big Data
Scientific and Research Community

High Performance

JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
JDK(Java Development Kit)
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