Civil Unrest and stress in financial markets comes with additional unintended consequences. Indeed, this is what many community “protest” organizers fail to realize. Once the global media picks up on rioting, protests, or massive demonstrations – the whole world begins watching, and the media has a field day, often blowing everything out of proportion. Still the demonstrators play right into the camera, perhaps trying to get on TV or to boisterously make their case.

The Greeks note that sales at hotels, restaurants, car rentals, tours, cruise ships, and tourist attractions are now well below normal prices, and it’s a great time to get a great bargain for travelers, still very few takers, and so the citizens of Greece just cannot understand why no one is showing up? Well, perhaps it could be all those general strikes at the airports, government buildings, and other places, along with the rioting in the streets, civil unrest, and violence. Now more reports of crime too. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The Greeks say everything is overblown in the media and that everything is really fine and they want all the tourists back which are a large chunk of their economic GDP, or it was anyway. It is perhaps the largest sector of their economy now. Well, maybe this is a déjà vu from what happened in Egypt, I mean would you go visit the pyramids now? Certainly not as a Westerner, and perhaps not for another 5-years or more, especially if the country turns into an Islamic Republic with the Muslim Brotherhood in charge – at least this is what concerns a good many global travels (cite: Travel Magazine January 2012).

Today, both of those countries are hurting and many jobs have been lost as tourists re-consider their travel plans. In Egypt tourism was one of their largest industries, but not today. Sure things have come back off their dismal lows, but still tourists are barely trickling back even now, and it may be many years to come. Personally, I’d rather just look at Pyramid pictures on the Internet, rather than risk my safety getting caught up in some pre or post-election rekindling of the angry mobs.

Greece is nowhere near out of the woods yet either, although they may be soon out of the Eurozone and using their own currency rather than the Euro – some say there is a play to bring the Geuro or Guero in as the new currency, and let everyone trade their money in. No thanks, say most Greeks. Sure, they may be very angry at what happened, but they are aren’t stupid when it comes to their money, or are they – you be the judge, I’m just writing about it while we are all watching, waiting, and wondering what comes next. Please consider all this and think on it


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