With medical costs in the U.S. seemingly spiraling out-of-control with no end in sight, more and more Americans have had to delay or even forego medical care simply because they could no longer afford the kind of care they deserved and wanted.

More money per person is spent on health care by Americans than any other country on earth and, aside from East Timor (ever heard of it?), the U.S. pays a greater percentage of the nation’s total income for health care than any country on the planet. Even so, more than 50 million residents are uninsured and essentially priced out of the American medical industry.

That fact creates a void between the need and desire to get quality healthcare and an ability to do so at an affordable price.

But, like Nature, business abhors a vacuum and as the American medical industry increasingly prices its services beyond its consumers’ ability or willingness to pay, the vacuum is being filled overseas.

Today, we know it as medical tourism and tiny Costa Rica has become one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations on the planet. What to do at sentosa singapore 

It’s easy to see why: high quality of care in world-accredited (called “Joint Commission Accredited International Accreditation” or “JCI”) hospitals, board certified physicians, and prices up to 65% lower than those in the States. In fact, Costa Rica’s capitol city, San Jose, has three private JCI hospitals that meet the highest standards of any American hospital (perhaps no coincidence since some are managed by U.S. providers).

One of those hospitals, CIMA, is the country’s newest first class hospital. Located just outside San Jose in upscale Escazu, it has an emergency department, diagnostic services, internal medicine, surgical theaters, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics and hosts an attached six-story medical consulting building housing more than 160 professionals in 52 specialties.

As it celebrates its 20th birthday in San Jose, in 2012 CIMA is opening its second hospital in booming Guanacaste along the north Pacific of Costa Rica. Projected to cost $125,000.000, the hospital will be about 215,000 square feet in size, located just outside Liberia, and about 15 minutes from the country’s famous Gold Coast beaches.

It’ll be part of a complex that, in addition to the hospital, includes medical offices, restaurants, and an apartment-style hotel. Plans are to build it in phases which will ultimately include assisted living and nursing facilities, placing some emphasis on 55+ age group retirees.

With 10,000 Americans retiring daily, many of them looking to relocate overseas, Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is a tempting choice. Liberia has the country’s newest international airport (and already gets some 600,000 travelers a year) and, in addition to the new, state-of-the-art hospital, a new retirement community of 2,200 acres is under development as well.

It’s also a tempting target for the medical industry. Medical tourists already bring in more than $100 million annually to this little Central American country, a number that many bet has only scratched the potential. And, with 750,000 Americans already getting medical and dental care overseas, the market has barely been scratched for the Costa Rica medical tourism industry.


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