Who does not get taken back to a time of fun and innocence, when they think of bunk beds? Whether you slept in one at camp, in a dorm room, or at home when you were a child, these beds bring back many memories. bunk bed ladder

Bunk beds are comprised of two beds stacked one on top of another, allowing two people to sleep in the same room with more space. The most common use is in childrens rooms, on ships, in army barracks, in dorm rooms, in summer camp cabins, and in hostels. Bunk bed ladders are a necessity for getting in and out of the top bunk.

These specialty ladders are located on the side of the bed near the bottom of the bed, inserted into an opening between a safety rail that runs the length of the bed. Some use built in ladders or hook on ladders.

There are a variety of styles with standard options have two twin bed mattresses that are stacked in the same direction while the Twin Over Full bunk beds have a full size mattress on the bottom and a twin sized mattress on the top. A Futon is similar in appearance to the twin bunk, but the bottom bunk can fold up and into a futon couch when not being used as a bed. These work well in a studio apartment. An L-Shaped version is comprised of twin sized mattresses stacked on top of each other, but the bottom bunk is at a right angle to the top bunk at the bottom half of the top. This adds space under the top half of the top bunk where it can be used for a desk or chair. A Loft Bed is another option, but there is no bottom bunk. These are used a lot in dorm rooms and a desk can be put under it, saving space. All styles of bunks, including the Loft uses bunk bed ladders to get to the top bunk.

Most bunk ladders are made out of wood or iron to match the frame. There are usually 4 steps with an opening at the top. A sturdy ladder is important for safety reasons, especially with children.

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