Online websites play a vital role in the lives of people. In-fact these have become the quickest and the easiest way to buy and sell stuff online. However, while buying gold online, buyers are little worried about the transaction and the quality of material they getting online.

But the truth is that you can buy gold from an online retailer and get a fair deal. Online sites are safe as long as you deal with a reputable bullion company that will give you a fair price on the expensive yellow metal. Whether you want to purchase gold ingots or coins, online sites are safe and secure.

Buy gold nuggets, To help you make your online gold shopping worthy, here are few simple tip s that you must keep in mind while making a deal online.

Check the Authenticity of the seller: Check the authenticity of the seller to avoid getting trapped of fraudulent websites. Make sure that you purchase it from the official website of a well-known jeweller.
Look for Purity: 24 carat is the purest form of gold. However, no jewelry can be made in 24k as it is very pliable. Alloys like copper, silver and nickel are mixed in certain percentage in gold to make jewelry. For example, 20 carat gold has 20 percent yellow metal and 4 percent alloy, making it 83.3% pure. It also comes in various colors depending upon the metal mixed with it.
Hallmark certification: Whenever you buy gold, always look for Hallmark certification. The Bureau of Standards (BIS) has set up authorized testing centres which check the quality of the yellow metal. BIS mark, purity code, testing centre’s mark, the jeweller’s mark and year of marking are few things to look in for hallmark certification.
Refund policy: as compared to other items purchased online, gold jewellers give less days for refunding the item. Therefore it becomes mandatory to go through the refund policy of the jeweler before placing any order online.
Shipment charges: Before you order the item, do read about the shipment charges as many jewelers offer free shipping.
Delivery: as Most jewelers use third-party services to ship your item, so before accepting delivery of the gold jewellery, make sure that the packaging has not been damaged or tampered with. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the products, please do not take delivery of the package.
Payment terms: Do look for the payment options carefully. Many jewelers offer cash on delivery mode of payment along with debit/credit card, net banking, bank transfer or cheque/demand draft facilities.
Customisation: Many online jewelers allow you to customize your jewellery according to your requirements. In this case, check the time period that the jeweller would take to deliver your product.
Price difference: don’t panic, as there could be a difference in the price of the gold jewellery sold online as compared to the retail stores.
Size: make sure that you select the right size for rings, bangles, bracelet, necklace and chains while placing your order online.

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